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What I Love About Pope Francis

What I Love About Pope Francis

Quite simply…his delivery. We live in a world where so many people are looking out for #1. In fact, we have invented a type of photograph that draws attention to yourself (selfie) and then we send that to others as a measure of how important we are. We sometimes measure ourselves by the number of Facebook friends, Twitter followers or likes. Nationally, we have accepted that it is politically okay to turn all of the attention on oneself and even worse that civil discourse can include name calling and insults.

Pope Francis does the opposite. He uses his popularity and reflects it like a mirror on the poor, the disabled, the needy, and those who need our help the most. His humility draws so many to our faith, to our work and to the needs of our world. When I think of the images of the Pope it is never of the Pope with world leaders; it is always of the Pope with children.

As we await his arrival and we prepare to be in his presence, what I like most about the Pope is what I like most about my wife, my children, and my friends…just thinking of them & him makes me smile.


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